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KSA – An overview of 2015 Trade Finance business

By CAROLINE MAGINN – Trade Partner at Cash Management Matters The rising focus on Trade finance has contributed positively to banks’ portfolios, earnings and risk weighting stability. Since the financial crisis KSA Banks have notably enjoyed unparalleled growth and continuous contributions to reserves and current strong levels of capitalisation from trade finance. In blunt terms Trade finance has accounted ... Read More »

Records all round…

CAROLINE MAGINN looks at a triumphant year for UAE banks Trade finance and corporate banking enjoyed a robust year in the UAE in 2014 with our 12 selected banks reporting overall record figures in trade-related contingent liabilities, corporate assets, liabilities, operating income and profit. This was reflected also in trade finance fees and commissions where the seven banks who report ... Read More »

KSA corporate banking hits another high spot

In contrast to some other MENA economies, Saudi Arabia continues to have a positive balance of trade and growth momentum. CAROLINE MAGINN reports on what has been another record year Trade finance and corporate banking in the KSA had another record year in 2014 with total trade-related contingent liabilities and corporate assets, liabilities, operating income and net income all registering ... Read More »

How bankers can help build a burgeoning sector in the GCC

CAROLINE MAGINN wonders whether there are other relationships in the Gulf Co-operation Council states that merchant financiers should be cementing There is, arguably, much global debate, mind-set and misnomer centred on the premise that natural resource abundance, particularly minerals, can have adverse consequences for social well-being, political stability, the environment and sustainable economic growth and creates a parallel disadvantage between ... Read More »

Corporate Banking buoyancy spurred by trade finance yet again

Significantly more is now being done to deliver operational efficiency and trade finance product innovation across both Islamic and conventional banking. CAROLINE MAGINN looks at the momentum within the sector KSA corporate banking and trade finance continue to garner momentum because the sector has been prudently capitalised. It delivers crucial liquidity to provide meaningful supply finance to the emerging corporate ... Read More »

Emirates develops the Midas touch

Black gold is not the only oil of industry in the emerging Emirati economies. In a final look at last year, CMM’s CAROLINE MAGINN makes transparent some of the extracts from thecompany’s 2014 UAE Tajara Monitor The trade and investment storyboard was very positive across even the non-oil based Emirates economies and corporate banking continued to be central to banks ... Read More »

KSA confirms its position as a ‘growth economy’

The GCC Tajara Monitor series for the financial year 2013 is shortly being released beginning with the KSA analysis. The focus is to provide transparency on developments, trends and the financial and capital dimensions of the trade-finance market-place. CAROLINE MAGINN reviews the findings The complex trade finance business proposition delivered by banks continues to evolve in an attempt to support ... Read More »

KSA growth looks set to continue

Overall, corporate banking and trade finance in Saudi Arabia had a record quarter in Q1 2013, against all key measures following a bumper year in 2012 for the fifth consecutive year. CAROLINE MAGINN, trade partner at CMM, presents some KSA Tajara Monitor extracts Further to a bumper year in 2012 when, whilst banks were prudent against a backdrop of evolving ... Read More »

QNB grows its trade portfolio

Committed trade financiers in the GCC were rewarded by their customers in 2012. But what will they be doing for their clients in 2013 to return that loyalty? CAROLINE MAGINN looks at the answer to that question Many banks, around the region, reflected growth in their trade finance business in 2012. For example, Arab National Bank and Bank Bilad in ... Read More »

ICC launches regional MENA banking commission

A regional banking commission for MENA has been launched by the ICC. The initiative aims to more effectively coordinate and communicate Banking Commission activities in the MENA region and meet increasing demands for premium trade finance information and up-to-date policy and market intelligence. “Facilitating trade, promoting economic development and enhancing the business environment are shared goals of ICC and the ... Read More »

Trade finance in Qatar passes many milestones

Qatari banks show renewed focus on corporate banking and trade finance, says CAROLINE MAGINN, trade partner at CMM Banks active in corporate banking and trade finance have continued to both contribute to and benefit from Qatar’s growth and prosperity. This is particularly evidenced by their increased provision of trade finance from QAR 114bn at year-end, 2010 to more than QAR ... Read More »

Banks prosper on revival of trade

Trade finance income has risen in the UAE thanks to a resurgence of exports and imports. CAROLINE MAGINN, trade partner at CMM, looks at what has been a most impressive performance from the banking sector With a majority of reporting banks posting figures far in excess of AED 100 million, trade fees and commissions rose by an average of seven ... Read More »

Doha Bank triumphs in trade finance

Banks have played a demonstrably positive role in the real economy and broader society in Qatar during recent years. This is particularly evidenced by their increased provision of trade finance. Caroline Maginn, Trade Partner at Cash Management Matters (CMM), explains In a final look at the specifics of trade finance in the main GCC countries ahead of the conclusion of ... Read More »

Trade finance: NBAD holds on to its lead

Tajara Monitor is in the process of broadening its coverage to include the other GCC countries in addition to the KSA, which CMM has published now for two years. In this edition, we look at some of the UAE Tajara findings in relation to trade finance. The UAE is the second biggest trading nation within the GCC. The 2010 report ... Read More »