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Issue 01 January / February 2010

Driving towards the future

The future of cash management points towards integrated management dashboards, says Maki Vekinis – Cash Management Matters (CMM) Managing Partner, The advent of the sophisticated business performance monitoring tools, resulting from the adoption of sophisticated enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms is slowly making its way into the corporate internet banking systems. The emerging trend, sometimes referred to as integrated cash management ... Read More »

View from the top table

John Foster speaks to RAJ GUPTA, RESEARCHDIRECTOR OF THE CENTRE FOR INTERNATIONAL SECURITIES AND DERVATIVE MARKETS.  The global financial crisis has turned the previously cosy, stable and processorientated world of treasury management on its head. In the past, tried and tested practices, relationships and technologies were passed from generation to generation of CFOs and treasury managers, and the industry evolved ... Read More »

Avoiding the wrong platform

Making the  right decesion when choosing a cash management platform is no easy task, expains Maki Vekinis – Cash Management Matters (CMM) Managing Partner Is there a bullet-proof way to identify a cash management platform vendor? here is a banker’s perspective and some important practical pointers. The ever-increasing competition among banks of all sizes to enhance revenue streams without exercising ... Read More »

Top 100 Arab Companies

Our exlusive ranking reveals the full impact of the global economic crisis upon the region’s biggest companies. although the value of many stock exchanges actually increased during the course of the calendar year, the lion’s share of Middle Eastern firms suffered a fall in market capitalisation over the last 12 months. With oil prices again buoyant, the situation now looks ... Read More »

Making the world go around – efficiently

MANINDER BHANDARI is managing director & head of Middle east & africa for Treasury services at bny Mellon. Cash & Trade caught up with him to discuss the ways in which the economic crisis has altered Mena trading patterns and the region’s next step in treasury solutions. If money really does make the world go around, then effective treasury management ... Read More »

Energising the revival

Energy companies in the Middle east have been hit hard by the global economic downturn, but a revival is underway. This is putting pressure on treasury departments to improve their operational efficiency and enhance working capital, writes LANCE T. KAWAGUCHI of CITI. In the Middle East have had to cope with a significant fall in demand for their products. This ... Read More »

Export credit agencies – flying high in the Middle East

As the global economy recovers, the role of export credit agencies in facilitating trade flows in the Middle East is more important than ever. by PIERS CONSTABLE, director of Deutsche Bank’s structured trade and export finance for the Middle East and Africa. The World bank’s global economic outlook for 2010 points to a trade resurgence. In recent months, quarterly growth ... Read More »

Taking care of business

Risk management and liquidity are required in order to meet the global trade rebound, writes ETIENNE BERNARD (left), head of Global Transaction services eurozone & Middle East, and NICOLETTA STELLA, Middle East strategy, Global Transaction services Middle East at RBS. While there are indications that the worst of the credit crisis may be behind us, it is generally thought that ... Read More »

Prescription for growth

As a Mena treasury manager of one of the Middle east’s leading corporates, and its biggest pharmaceutical manufacturer, EYAS QUIDEMAT is in a prime position to drive the company’s growth plans – and demand more from its banks. Eyas Quidemat is the MENA treasury manager for Middle East pharmaceutical giant Hikma. As a major manufacturer of drugs, hikma leads the way ... Read More »

Corporate cards make a comeback

The importance of managing staff expenses efficiently means corporates must consider the use of payment cards. by KAMRAN SIDDIQI, GENERAL MANAGER oF VISA IN THE MIDDLE EAST. Increasing processing efficiency and reducing payroll costs are two priorities common among most companies, particularly in an economic climate where businesses are looking to streamline costs and operate at their most efficient. In ... Read More »

Transparency in trade, cash and credit: an idea whose time has come

Alexander R. Malaket, CITP, President Opus Advisory Services International Inc. Transparency is a notion that has received a great deal of attention over the past year in particular, as relating to financial dealings in the GCC, the Middle East and the MENA region more broadly.  Is this simply the latest buzzword to circulate in business and financial circles? Is it ... Read More »

CMM announces ‘one stop’ Nostro interface

Bahrain-based Cash Management Matters (CMM), a leading provider of cash management solutions in the Middle east, has launched the nostro Cash Management system (nCMs), a comprehensive ‘one-stop-shop’ secure platform that offers financial institutions complete management and control of nostro accounts worldwide. The launch was announced following a successful certification period of nCMs at the national Commercial bank, one of saudi ... Read More »

Business confidence still low in MENA

 Despite growing confidence across the global economy, it appears the well-publicised problems in dubai have contributed to a lack of business confidence in the Gulf region. The latest HSBC Gulf business Confidence Index fell from 81.4 to 80.2 between the third and fourth quarters of 2009, illustrating how the burden of debt within some Gulf states has stymied confidence.  “We ... Read More »

Citi launches payroll tool for Voltas in UAE

 Citi has announced that its Global Transaction Services business for EMEA has extended its global platform for Citi Prepaid services by launching its payroll services in the uae for Voltas, part of the Tata group. Voltas is an engineering project specialist, and has already successfully undertaken and executed multimillion dollar electro-mechanical projects in the Middle east – along with the ... Read More »

International Bank of Qatar signs new card deal

 The International Bank of Qatar (IBQ) has signalled its commitment to further growth and development by signing a deal with first data to host the bank’s credit card portfolio.  IBQ announced the deal in january, and said that first data will host the bank’s entire credit card operation via its first Vision processing platform. Philip King, head of retail at ... Read More »

ITFC launches new trade programme

 The International Islamic Trade finance Corporation (ITFC), an autonomous entity within the IDB Group, has lent its weight behind regional and international efforts to launch a determined aid–for-Trade (afT) road Map in cooperation with the united nations economic social Commission West asia (ESCWA) and other regional and international bodies. This was announced in january by ITFC CEO, Dr Waleed Al ... Read More »