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NBAD’s Global Financial Markets Forum Offers First Virtual Conference in MENA

NBAD’s Global Financial Markets Forum Offers

 First Virtual Conference in MENA

  • GFMF to offer virtual 3D environment
  •  “Virtual Delegates” interact with attendees
  • GFMF Virtual World supports one-on-one and group conversations

NBAD to Offer Virtual Conference of GFMF

NBAD to Offer Virtual Conference of GFMF

Abu Dhabi (February 12, 2013) – The 2013 Global Financial Markets Forum (GFMF) will be available virtually via the state-of-the-art AvayaLiveTM Engage, an interactive virtual conferencing that allows delegates who are unable to attend the forum in person to do instead through a virtual conferencing program. This is the first time in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) such a program is offered.

GFMF Virtual World, powered by AvayaLiveTM Engage, is offered by GFMF’s partner Avaya for the first time in MENA, offers three-dimensional live conferencing that is accessible from any Internet connection to support one-on-one conversations and group sessions. Providing the virtual conferencing meets the increasing demand of investors and professionals who want to benefit from the great analysis and information that will be shared at the annual GFMF.

2013 GFMF, which takes place in Abu Dhabi on February 27 and 28, is organized by the National Bank of Abu Dhabi’s (NBAD) Global Financial Markets (Formerly Financial Markets Division). The annual event brings to Abu Dhabi a host of world famous investors, policy-makers, authors and thinkers who will discuss the most critical issues affecting global economy. This year’s keynote speakers include David Milliband, former British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs; James A. Baker III, the former US Secretary of Treasury and State and a global statesman; and a special speaker who is a former head of state whose speech is titled “Eurozone: Challenges, Opportunities and Outlook.”

“Global Financial Markets Forum is recognized as the region’s authoritative forum to offer current and profound study by insightful and coveted thinkers about the most critical matters impacting global markets,” says Mahmood Al Aradi, the Senior General Manager of NBAD’s Global Financial Markets. “As the demand for access to this grate forum has increased and as we are eager to expand its benefits, we arranged to offer real-time virtual conferencing.”

GFMF Virtual World allows NBAD to replicate the GFMF venue over virtual 3D environment. Delegates from around the globe who are unable to attend the forum in Abu Dhabi would be able to benefit from ‘virtual’ conference where they can interact and collaborate with other peers in their industry from the location of their choice in an environment that is closely similar to the real life event as possible.

“GFMF has also established Abu Dhabi as a significant site for conferences and providing the virtual conferencing through a state-of-the-art technology further enhances Abu Dhabi’s and GFMF’s position,” says Mr. Al Aradi. “Avaya, our partner to provide this service, is the world’s most recognized and respected brands in telecommunication.”

Last year’s GFMF attracted more than 700 delegates from across many countries, including such notable speakers as Paul Volcker, former chairman of the US Federal Reserve System and economic advisor to President Barak Obama; and Axel Weber, former president of Deutsche Bundesbank, the German Central Bank, from 2004 to 2011, and a member of European Central Bank Governing Council.

GFMF also offers the Investor Presentation sessions, a program introduced to the region by NBAD last year during 2011 GFMF.

Further details about the Forum are provided on

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