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UAE now a leader in online trading technology

21The UAE in the past four years has become a leader in developing e-trading and investment technology, which is now used by banks and investment companies around the world.

At ABTEC, the region’s premier online trading technology show, the Abu Dhabi financial services company ADS Securities revealed that on a daily basis billions of dollars are now traded on platforms developed in the UAE.

For Andrew Rossiter, global head of IT at ADS Securities, this was no surprise.“Abu Dhabi has shrewdly invested in the technology and business infrastructure that is ideally suited to developing trading systems.

“As a company we also have the capital and the vision to turn investment into tried and tested online systems from client’s on-boarding systems, to low-latency platforms and sophisticated post trade analytics.

“Four years ago, at this show, regional banks would have been looking at systems from suppliers in Europe or the US. Now the US and Europe banks and investment houses are coming to the UAE to look at the systems we have created.”

Philippe Ghanem, vice-chairman and executive managing director said, “When we set up ADS Securities it was always our ambition to develop market leading e-trading technology. We have now demonstrated that our platform and linked systems are amongst the best in the world so we have set-up ADS TechSolutions to market the technology to banks, investment firms and brokerages.”

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