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Investors keep an eye on the Middle East

HS BC hosted more than 150 fund managers, investors and bankers at a conference in Dubai in March. The audience came from all over the world to hear HS BC’s top team of global and regional economists and analysts discuss and debate the future with traders and bankers.

 The message that emerging markets’ growth will outpace mature markets came across loud and clear. What was also apparent was the
continued interest in the Middle East from the world’s investment community.

The event was wellattended by bankers and investors from across the MENA region, and Simon Cooper, CEO of HS BC Middle East, summed up the opportunity for these regional delegates in his opening remarks.

“As the world’s foremost emerging market bank, HS BC can give you an informed view of how the crucial emerging-marketto- emerging-market capital flows will develop, whether that is between Asia, Eastern Europe, or Latin America and us here in the Middle East.”

 Rafi Ahmed, head of global markets for HS BC in MENA, said: “We saw a tremendous level of interest in the region from Asian and European market players. In spite of the uncertainty and difficult macroenvironment, there is a real optimism and confidence in the long-term outlook for the region, especially in terms of its interplay with other emerging markets.”

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