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CMM announces ‘one stop’ Nostro interface

Bahrain-based Cash Management Matters (CMM), a leading provider of cash management solutions in the Middle east, has launched the nostro Cash Management system (nCMs), a comprehensive ‘one-stop-shop’ secure platform that offers financial institutions complete management and

control of nostro accounts worldwide. The launch was announced following a successful certification period of nCMs at the national Commercial bank, one of saudi arabia’s leading financial institutions.

 NCMs’s advanced user interface and wide range of connectivity/integration options enables users to monitor accounts around the world, transfer and replenish between different banks and accounts, reconcile transactions, and, crucially, monitor the nostro relationships for the accurate application of the relative agreements. Maki Vekinis, chief architect and managing partner at CMM, said that “after four years of investing in analysing, testing and building the platform and the corresponding integration framework, we are absolutely confident that we are able to offer
and implement nCMs in any banking environment”. he added that “there is absolutely no reason why the same platform cannot be utilised by a large corporate to manage and control their accounts with multiple financial institutions”.

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