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Rise in total global trade finance

The Dealogic Trade Finance Review for the first half of 2012 shows that trade finance volumes were up seven per cent on the same period for the previous year

Total global trade finance volume stood at $90.4bn in 1H 2012, up seven per cent from $84.5bn in 1H 2011, though down slightly on 2H 2011 ($96.1bn). However, activity fell to 329 deals, down 49 per cent on 1H 2011 when 648 deals were completed

Excluding sole-bank loans, trade finance volume increased to $64.1bn in 1H 2012, up 12 per cent on 1H 2011 ($57.3bn) and the highest half year volume since 2H 2010 ($82.7bn)

Market Analysis

ECA financing volume reached $60.3bn via 186 deals in 1H 2012, up on the $28.5bn raised 1H 2011. Trade Financing volume fell 78 per cent year-on-year to $6.4bn as just 18 deals completed, down from 102 deals in 1H 2011 ($28.3bn). Trade flow volume fell to $18.5bn via 94 deals in 1H 2012, down from $27.8bn via 392 deals in 1H 2011. Structured commodity volume reached $2.0bn and supply chain volume was $3.3bn in 1H 2012

The Belarusian borrower, Belvnesheconombank completed the largest trade finance deal 1H 2012, a $10.0bn facility signed on 1 February of which proceeds were for ECA financing purposes


Australia recorded the highest volume in 1H 2012 with $11.7bn. Belarus and Turkey followed with $10.0bn and $6.4bn, respectively

ECA Guarantees

ECA guarantees activity fell to 154 deals in 1H 2012 from 210 in 1H 2011. Volume experienced a similar trend, falling 19 per cent year-on-year to $26.9bn from $31.8bn


Pre-export loan volume saw the lowest first half volume since 1H 2010 ($3.2bn) with just $2.4bn via 11 deals in 1H 2012


HSBC topped the ECA Financing ranking with $3.7bn followed by Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group with $3.5bn HSBC also topped the total global trade finance ranking (includes sole bank loans) with a 5.5 per cent share. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group followed with a 5.3 per cent share


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