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GFMF to Analyze Prospects of Emerging Markets

Sameh Abdulla Al Qubaisi, the General Manager of Institutional and Corporate Coverage Group at NBAD’s Financial Markets Division

Sameh Abdulla Al Qubaisi, the General Manager of Institutional and Corporate Coverage Group at NBAD’s Financial Markets Division

Abu Dhabi (February 7, 2013) – The 2013 Global Financial Markets Forum (GFMF) will examine and debate the future of European Union, US’s role and the rising economic influence of emerging markets.

“European fiscal crisis and the US debt continue to be lingering challenges; at the same time many emerging economies continue to grow. This year’s GFMF will provide insightful analysis and discussions on the future of Eurozone and the role of the United States vis-a-vis the growing influence of many emerging economies,” says Mahmood Al Aradi, the Senior General Manager of NBAD’s Financial Markets Division. “At the same time, post Arab Spring offers many questions. Our expert speakers, who are policy-makers, academics, investors, central bankers and financial professionals, will tackle these critical questions.”

The Forum, organized by the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), the Number One Bank in the UAE, kicks off February 27 and concludes February 28 with an impressive list of prominent speakers and important Gulf decision-makers.

This year, NBAD invited David Milliband, British Former Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, who will speak on “Prospects for a European Union – a UK perspective.”  The Eurozone issues will also be explained by a former head of state in a speech titled “Eurozone: Challenges, opportunities and outlook.” Both of these speeches will be given on February 27.

The Eurozone question is further deciphered by economist and author David McWilliams.

“The European Union is reaching a critical point, especially given the crisis in many countries and Britain is reconsidering her membership through referendum. The future of EU will have a great impact in the globe and this important issue will be examined by our prestigious thinkers,” says Sameh Abdulla Al Qubaisi, the General Manager of Institutional and Corporate Coverage Group at NBAD’s Financial Markets Division.

On the same day, Chavan Bhogaita, the Head of Markets Strategy of NBAD, will moderate a panel of CEOs from UAE companies who will discuss “From the UAE to the World and back again: The impact of global challenges on UAE entities, and how UAE based companies are positioning themselves in the global context.”

Another panel on the first day will discuss “Emerging Opportunities and Challenges in MENA.”

The 2013 GFMF continues on February 28 with a keynote speech by James A. Baker III, the former US Secretary of Treasury and State and a global statesman. Mr. Baker has deep knowledge about global politics, including the Middle East.

Lawrence McDonald, economic consultant and political risk advisor, will offer a speech on the debt market titled: “The bond bubble – how long will this irrational exuberance last?”

The Forum continues with two panels discussing macro- and microeconomics. Eric Chaney, Economist and Strategist at AXA Investment Managers; Niall Ferguson, author of “The Ascent of Money,” and many other books and a professor at Harvard and Oxford Universities; Marc Faber, strategist and investment and trading forecaster; and Lawrence McDonald, economic consultant and political risk advisor; will participate on the panel “The economists’ perspective on financial markets and global growth.”

The other panel is titled “Coffee with the Board of Directors: A view from the top – Banking, The World, and Beyond,” and would comprise of Michael Tomalin, the Group Chief Executive of NBAD; Severin Cabannes, Deputy CEO of Societe Generale Group; Jean Lemierre, Advisor to the Chairman of BNP Paribas; and Markus Diethelm, Group General Counsel and member of the Executive Board UBS.

2013 GFMF concludes with the keynote speech by Mr. Ferguson titled “The West and the rest: Degeneration and Regeneration after the global financial crisis.”

“The annual Global Financial Markets Forum, which began in 2009, has brought to Abu Dhabi newsmakers and individuals with profound insight into the markets and economy. Our aim is to provide the Forum’s attendees a comprehensive and valuable medium for learning. Moreover NBAD continues to position GFMF as a medium to raise Abu Dhabi’s profile as a global hub for commerce,” says Mr. Al Qubaisi.

Last year’s GFMF attracted more than 700 delegates from across many countries, including such notable speakers as Paul Volcker, former chairman of the US Federal Reserve System and economic advisor to President Barak Obama; and Axel Weber, former president of Deutsche Bundesbank, the German Central Bank, from 2004 to 2011, and a member of European Central Bank Governing Council.

GFMF also offers the Investor Presentation sessions, a program introduced to the region by NBAD last year during 2011 GFMF.

The fifth GFMF will be held in Emirates Palace, on February 27 and 28, 2013.

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