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First ever virtual conference in MENA

The 2013 Global Financial Markets Forum (GFMF) was planned to be available virtually via the state-of-the-art AvayaLiveTM Engage, an interactive system that allows delegates who are unable to attend in person to do so instead through a virtual conferencing programme. This was the first time in MENA that such a programme had been offered.

GFMF Virtual World, powered by AvayaLiveTMEngage, is provided by GFMF’s partner Avaya and offers three-dimensional live conferencing that is accessible from any Internet connection to support one-on-one conversations and group sessions. Providing virtual conferencing meets the increasing demand of investors and professionals who want to benefit from the analysis and information that will be shared at the annual GFMF but cannot be there in person.

“Global Financial Markets Forum is recognised as the region’s authoritative forum to offer current and profound study by insightful and coveted thinkers about the most critical matters impacting global markets,” says Mahmood Al Aradi, the senior general manager of NBAD’s Global Financial Markets. “As the demand for access to this great forum has increased – and as we are eager to expand its benefits – we arranged to offer real-time virtual conferencing.”

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