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EastNets leverages diverse portfolio of cutting-edge solutions to maintain strong global market presence

March 01, 2016


EastNets, a leading global provider of compliance, payments and cloud solutions for the financial services industry, will continue to leverage its competitive portfolio of solutions across various verticals to sustain its strong market foothold and competitiveness in the international arena. Over the past three decades, the company has been effectively helping financial institutions better manage their regulatory compliance operations through its cutting-edge en.SafeWatch Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Suite, Its Innovative Payment Solutions a secure Cloud services.
More than 600 major financial institutions worldwide rely on EastNets’ advanced and market-leading AML solutions to meet the continuously evolving compliance requirements of the industry. The robust and effective transaction and customer monitoring systems, which can easily be configured and adapt to new risks and regulations, include customer and account profiling, watch list filtering, and know your customer (KYC) controls. They are designed to monitor and combat sophisticated money laundering and other fraudulent activities. The Compliance Suite also offers the specialized en.SafeWatch FATCA designed to help companies adhere to the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

EastNets has also successfully established an outstanding reputation of providing advanced financial messaging management systems and payments solutions. en.TransactionData Repository is a financial messaging management system that focuses on long-term storage as well as easy recall and relevant report generation of financial messages, while en.PaymentSafe is a financial messaging hub developed to facilitate automated payment workflow and integrated payment networks. Both en.Recovery and en.DuplicateDetection are designed to help financial firms recover lost data and avoid duplicate payment, respectively.

It also allows financial institutions and corporations to utilize cloud through its SWIFT-certified service bureaus. This solution reinforces the ability of corporations to focus on their core business competencies, while outsourcing their SWIFT connectivity and infrastructure.

Hazem Mulhim, CEO, EastNets, said: “Our track record over the past three decades strongly demonstrates the effectiveness and efficiency of our cutting-edge solutions in terms of fighting financial crime, managing risks, monitoring, analyzing and reporting financial messages. We also provide our clients across the globe with state-of-the-art consultancy and customer support to promote sound financial management and ensure compliance with laws and international regulations. Looking forward, we will remain steadfast in this commitment as we continue to develop more effective ways to further enhance our solutions to assist our clients in achieving their goals and objectives.”


About EastNets:

EastNets® is a leading global provider of compliance and payments solutions for the Financial Services industry. Over the past 30 years EastNets has built distinctive expertise to develop and implement standardized and individual solutions against financial crime, and for risk management, monitoring, analysis, reporting, and state-of-the-art consultancy and customer support. Over 1000 customers including some of the largest international financial institutions rely on EastNets solutions and professional services, and over 300 corporate and financial institutions rely on EastNets for outsourced SWIFT connectivity and compliance software solutions made available as a service through its fully managed service bureaus. EastNets is a global company with regional offices in major cities, supported by a large network of global strategic partners. For more information, visit

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