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Trade finance: Surecomp is surefire!

Jyske Bank, a leading Danish bank, has commenced production with Surecomp’s end-to-end trade finance solution.

The end-to-end solution comprises allNETT®, Surecomp’s Java Web-based trade finance front end, and IBSnet®, the vendor’s Windows-based back-office trade finance system.

Founded in 1967 in Aarhus, the regional capital of the Jutland province, Jyske Bank was created following the merger of four local banks. Over the years, another three local banks joined together under the Jyske Bank banner. Now,Jyske Bank is jointly owned by some 230,000 individual shareholders.

“The implementation of Surecomp’s end-to-end trade finance solution was completed as planned. This was an amazing achievement given the need to balance the business requirements of our users with the IT requirements of Bankdata, our remote IT hosting company,” remarked Elisabeth Lautrup, senior product owner at Jyske Bank. “Completing the implementation has allowed us to switch our focus to our core activities and other equally important projects.”

Joel Koschitzky, Surecomp chairman, remarked, “I am proud of the coooperation between the Surecomp team and their dedicated counterparts at Jyske Bank and Bankdata, which resulted in a smooth and successful deployment process. Surecomp looks forward to continuing our close collaboration with Jyske Bank in the years ahead.”

Surecomp is a leading provider of global trade solutions for banks and corporations. Established in 1987, it is a market pioneer with a proven track record delivering innovative solutions worldwide. With a global network of regional offices and six state-of-the-art development centres, Surecomp successfully supports hundreds of installations in more than 80 countries. Its integrated portfolio of trade finance, supply chain finance and treasury confirmation matching solutions streamlines the transaction lifecycle to minimise costs and maximise profits.

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