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Sukuk trend continues upwards 

The International Islamic Financial Market (IIFM) has released its much- awaited Sukuk Report (4th edition). It consists of a comprehensive study of the global Sukuk market and sheds light on the growth, trends and development of international and domestic Sukuk issuances for the period January 2001 – July 2014.

Khalid Hamad Abdul Rahman Hamad, chairman of IIFM, said, “The report contains key statistics and data on various markets, which are not easily available otherwise in a consolidated form in one place. We are confident that readers will find this report informative and helpful in understanding the developments in the Sukuk market globally.”

Ijlal Ahmed Alvi, CEO of IIFM, said, “The upward trend that started in 2011 has continued as predicted in the last IIFM Sukuk Report… During the period 2013 to year-to-date 2014, many milestones were established in the market such as 30-year tenor Sukuk, perpetual Sukuk, Tier 1 & Tier 2 Sukuk by financial institutions, multi-currency Sukuk programmes and sovereign Sukuk issuances from African, European and Asian jurisdictions.”

The report highlights the different Sukuk structures used by international Sukuk issuers as well as Sukuk structures used at domestic level by various jurisdictions active in the market. It also looks at the number of countries issuing Sukuk in their respective currencies thereby increasing need to hedge exposure, particularly to international investors.

A special feature of the report covers detailed information on Sukuk markets in IIFM member countries, which not only includes information about primary Sukuk issuances but also secondary market trading and processes.

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