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Solutions for change

The launch of BNY Mellon’s most recent update of its research into the changing relationships between local banks and global processing banks was announced at Sibos.

The new research material recaps how the increasingly sophisticated needs of commercial clients in areas such as trade finance, liquidity, global payments and client service are creating a global transaction “ecosystem” with increasingly high levels of interconnection and interdependence. It shows how new relationships with global processing banks can allow local banks to play a positive and distinctive role in the new “ecosystem”.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, BNY Mellon’s treasury services research has focused on the needs of both local banks and their commercial clients to identify new revenue streams, lower their costs and enhance their risk management. Whilst technology is key in all three areas, these challenges have also inspired new business arrangements.

Previous BNY Mellon white papers have shown how constructive collaboration with global processing banks has proven to be an attractive strategic alternative for local banks. However, its 2011 research focuses on how adoption of the manufacturer-distributor model in three key areas of treasury work — trade finance, payments processing and liquidity services — can give local banks the connectivity and client service resources they need to deliver end-to-end solutions in tune with the new transaction “ecosystem”.

“Sibos provided the perfect opportunity for us to share important research findings with others in the new transactional ecosystem,” said Alan Verschoyle-King, global head of sales and client management, BNY Mellon treasury services. “In preparing this year’s material, we decided to make our findings available not just as printed reports. We’ve also prepared a series of videos that summarise and personalise our findings. These feature a representative group of treasury services advisors talking about their experience helping clients succeed in a healthy, growth-oriented transactional ecosystem. The settings for the videos show the beauty of flourishing ecosystems, and provide memorable framing for some very important business concepts.”

The first in this year’s five-part series of videos summarising BNY Mellon’s 2011 treasury services research can be viewed at

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