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New MENA trade finance course voted a success

03Delegates who attended the first Trade Finance for Bankers course at the Cash and Trade Training Academy voted it a total success, saying they were delighted with what they had learnt.

The feedback from participants from leading MENA banks revealed that 100 per cent of them believed that as a result of attending the course they had a better understanding of the importance of trade finance to corporates. They also felt  “more excited about the opportunities in trade finance at their banks”.

The detailed scores awarded on all aspects of the course run in Dubai in December –  including objectives, content, facilities and instructor delivery – came out at 94 per cent; and the course itself was given an “overall excellence” rating of more than 85 per cent.

The guiding principles of the Cash and Trade Training Academy are to deliver education, motivation and the opportunity to share ideas with fellow professionals involved in the “dynamic and economically crucial arena” of trade finance and corporate banking.

“The business case, and need, for excellence in trade finance at banks in the MENA region has accelerated and grown in recent years and is set to continue,” according to Cash and Trade publisher Hani AlMaskati. “Several of the larger economies now have trade finance revenues exceeding $1bn in strong annuity revenues, which eclipses many other business lines, particularly when it comes to fees and commissions revenue.

“The complexity of delivering trusted bank intermediation in trade finance is also rising. As trade flows grow, the risks in the global market place are shifting. Corporates from the region are ascending in the global competitive playing field, and new trade finance instruments and practices are emerging.

 “Corporates must have new partnership solutions from their banks to deliver against their inter-dependent trade finance, cash management and treasury requirements to address their needs and support their core buyer and supplier relationships. This translates into a requirement for new integrated supply chain finance propositions from the banks.

“Our future trade finance courses will aspire to show how trade bankers and practitioners in the region can meet and form long-lasting business relationships whilst developing and increasing their knowledge and feel for an exciting, developing and vital banking discipline.”


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