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New cash management products

Burgan Bank has announced that it is launching a range of corporate cash management products and services for its

Raed Al Haqhaq – chief banking officer-senior general manager at Burgan Bank, Kuwait

corporate banking clients. These include traditional and new commercial banking services.

Raed Al Haqhaq, chief banking officer-senior general manager, said, “We are delighted to introduce a wide variety of specialised products and services offering cost-effective end-to-end banking solutions that optimise cash flows in a real business environment for our corporate banking clients”.

As a further addition to an impressive range of electronic banking services, the new cash management system offers clients a comprehensive view of funds position, resulting in enhanced control and improved liquidity management coupled with comprehensive payment services that could be customised and tailored to the needs of individual businesses , thereby eliminating manual tasks. The new system also allows clients to exercise control over transaction work f lows, users, limits and account administration. The system has high level of security built to international standards.

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