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Mobile payments authority

EastNets, a global provider of compliance and payment solutions, has announced that it has obtained the SWIFTReady–workers remittance conformance label for 2011.

en.MoRe is the first application in the workers’ remittances programme offering a mobile payments functionality between a Telco operator and a receiving bank.

“The SWIFT certification for the en.MoRe mobile remittance solution validates EastNets’ commitment to deliver great-value solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers,” said Hazem Mulkim, CEO, EastNets. “en.MoRe is particularly important in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas as it benefits millions of migrant workers who regularly send remittances to their home countries.

“EastNets will leverage its network of mobile operators globally to allow the maximum number of people to take advantage of this genuinely convenient, fast and secure mobile remittance solution.”

EastNets presented case studies and discussed the impact of “mobile money transfer in changing the developing communities” during its participation at Sibos. Its view is that mobile money is becoming an essential part in the everyday life of people in Africa and Asia, and is considered to be the fastest growing technology after social media.

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