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Bahrani bankers learn ‘finance’ English

Shakespeare, England’s most famous Man of Letters

English is on the agenda in Bahrain. The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) is the first institute in the region to adopt the Cambridge Financial English (CFE) blended learning course to help develop language skills in the finance sector. The move is part of a growing trend in which command of English is seen as an essential skill.

Zara Shahid Khan, marketing manager, Cambridge ES OL, said: “English is fast becoming the language of the financial sector and it’s really important for large organisations such as BIBF to have confidence in their employers’ language ability. The course is ideal for busy financial professionals and this will be a real benefit to the sector in Bahrain.”

Kadri Rizk, head of the centre for leadership and management, added commented: “The Kingdom of Bahrain is an important regional financial hub and it is, therefore, essential that those who wish to work, or who are already working in banking and finance, can demonstrate that they have the necessary language skills to be able to function efficiently and effectively.”

Students at BIBF will now be able to improve their “real life financial English” skills with modules on basic accounting, teamwork and managing people, tax, banking and insurance, risk assessment, mergers, acquisitions and corporate governance.

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